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You can find our tasty beans at Hammerbacher. Stay tuned, as we grow we're planning on expanding our retail partners as well as offering our beans online.

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Micro Roaster & Espresso Pop-up

We find our favorite coffees, buy them in small amounts,
roast them in small batches and offer them to you
in limited releases.

Pop-up Schedule

On pause due to COVID.

We'll be back soon...

About us:

We are a small, family operation, passionate about sharing the things that make us happy. We choose each coffee we offer with two questions in mind: does this coffee excite us and was everybody in the supply chain (including the earth) treated fairly? Coffee travels through a very labor-intensive process on its way to our cups, we believe that treating coffee as produce is one of the best ways of showing respect to the hands that have been involved in its journey while consuming it (and it tastes better). This is why we roast in small batches and always make sure your bag has a roast date on it.
If you catch us at a pop-up event serving drinks, our promise to you is that we only serve what we would drink ourselves. We make any flavored syrups or nut milks by hand using minimal, and simple ingredients. Because if we were drinking a vanilla latte we wouldn’t want a whole bunch of ingredients we couldn’t pronounce in it either.
Ultimately, when you encounter our coffee, we hope it leaves you happy and that you enjoy it, knowing that careful thought was put into what you hold in your hands.

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